tick@lab is the Software Platform for the Management of Laboratory Animal Research Institutions. The tick@lab animal management software integrates all compliance and operational processes and provides access to relevant data and functionality to researchers, facility staff and management. In English, French, German and any other Language required. READ MORE

Support for Research and Operations
Built-in Flexibility
Pictogramm Support

All information at hand, clear responsibilities

  • (transgenic) Animal Breeding & Colony Management
  • Animal Orders, Census, Billing
  • Animal Tracking & Management
  • Animal History including veterinary/medical Records
  • Facility & Vivarium Management
  • Task Management
Pictogramm Compliance

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  • Protocol Management and Reporting in accordance with respective legislations and guidelines (e.g. USDA APHIS, EU 2010/63, UK Home Office, German TSchG, other national regulations in Europe, Australia and Asia, AAALAC…)
  • Training and Training Records
  • GLP / CFR21 Part 11
Pictogramm Flexibility

Specific but standard, integration is key

  • Customer defined Templates and Forms for paper-less operations
  • Interfaces for Integration (e.g. Electronic Lab Notebooks, scientific Data Management Systems, Finance and Procurement, Enterprise Infrastructure…)
  • DataMart for ad hoc reporting, data analysis and re-use with other systems


tick@lab is the Software Platform for managing Research Compliance Protocols, Workflows and Committees. 安卓坚果加速器

Forms & Workflows
For Researchers, Committees and Administrators
Mouse lab animal management software - Piktogramm

Out-of-the-box support

  • IACUC (Animal Use Protocols)
  • IRB (Human Subjects)
  • IBC (Biosafety)
  • COI (Conflict of Interest)
  • MTA (Material Transfer Agreements)
  • CD (Copyright Disclosure)
  • ID (Invention Disclosure)
  • UK Home Office
  • German TSchG
  • …Other Compliance Protocols and Workflows in accordance with institutional Policies and national Legislation
Pictogramm Researches

All information at hand, clear responsibilities

  • Central online Access to Protocols, Reviews, linked Protocols and attached Documents
  • Configurable Help Texts and User Guidance
  • Automatic Content Verification (mandatory Answers, Training Records)
  • Automatic email Notifications
  • Review, Change Tracking & Comparison
  • Management of Meetings
  • Post Approval Monitoring
Pictogramm Compliance

Traceability. Auditability. Security.

  • Training Records
  • Configurable Content (Questions, Pick Lists, Text Fields…) and Workflows
  • Document Versioning and Change Control
  • Security Model to control Access to Protocols and Data
  • Automatic Control of due/expiration Dates, Notification System


a-tune is a certified IDBS partner with more than 15 years of experience working with IDBS products. 安卓坚果加速器

Pictogramm IDBS

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  • Process Analysis, Optimization and Implementation
  • Technical Expertise and Development
  • Project Management
  • Support, Operations, Managed Services
  • Enterprise and Efficiency Applications


a-tune is accredited Partner of Sparta Systems for the Implementation, Integration, Validation and Operations of the TrackWise product suite. READ MORE

Pictogramm Sparta


  • Process Analysis, Optimization and Implementation
  • Technical Expertise and Development
  • Project Management
  • Support, Operations, Managed Services
  • Integration Applications
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Make IT work

a-tune is supporting research driven organizations with their data and compliance management needs. Our slogan “make it simple” is both our mission and our guiding principle – especially when it comes to the handling of complex challenges.

From our headquarter in Darmstadt, Germany and our office in Austin, TX, USA, we are providing products, services and expertise to leading organizations within academia and industry in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

More about us

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